Music 5

4 07 2009

(No time to write anything up before I leave, but I felt bad not having ANYTHING for three weeks so here’s some music for the 4th ^^)

(Yeah I know Baba Yetu’s the lord’s prayer. It still sounds nice!)

(The worst that the 4th can be)

Aaaaand, for the last song for the 4th, the Boss with the BEST we can be (protesting wars 😉 )! ^^

Have a good 4th everyone, and see you all in a week and a half 😀


Music 3!

23 05 2009

So, 3rd music post now. 😀

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long (or really even read and listened to the other music posts) this needs no explaining. If you’re new, as you’ll quickly find, I’m best described as odd, and that has some less than wonderful repercussions for how I can relate to most other people. And when I find someone who gets it, it’s pretty damn awesome.

Nothing deep to say here, I just love the song, and that means I’m making you listen to it =P

If you haven’t listened to Born to Run before, shame on you. SHAME! You must now listen to the Boss for hours straight.

And finally, the outrageously awesome Here Comes the Sun!