And finally, the Democrats get it

19 08 2009

Well, I went after the Democrats for caving to the Republicans over and over again, but I’m very, very happy to say that they might just prove me wrong. Let’s just hope that they really are willing to go on without the Republicans, and that the conservative Democrats will stay on board.


Politics is no place for a vertebrate!

17 08 2009

That appears to be the core Democratic Modus Operandi. For example, investigating the various war crimes committed by the previous administration:

Campaign promise – We will bring to justice those responsible for these atrocious acts.

Reality – “Oh but the Republicans is scary and mean and nasty and they’ll make everyone think we’re scaredycats and it’d be looking backwards and and and ahhhhhh!”

Or try health care:

Campaign – We believe that adequate health care is something to which all should have access, and we will ensure that real change happens.

Reality – “Butbutbut the Republicans’ll call us socialists if we have a public option and then no one will like us anymore 😥 And end of life care, if we keep that then the whole country will think we want to ax murder grandma so so so we can’t do that either right?”

Stimulus, Campaign – The country needs a real stimulus bill, and we will drive it through to help revitalize the economy.

Stimulus, Reality – “Well but see the Republicans said that we need tax cuts and if we don’t give them tax cuts they’ll call us nasty names and make us cry so let’s make half the bill tax cuts so they’ll be nice ok? Yay!”

Seriously, you control the House by what, 79 seats? You have 60 seats in the Senate. You control the Presidency. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU COMPROMISING? The other side is just wrong here. Compromise is good sometimes, sure, but only when neither side is self evidently full of it and propped up only by the lying spin machine of people like Limbaugh.

You were elected to fix things, not to kiss the feet of your Reptilican overlords. You’re six months late. Get the hell to work.