Happy holidays everyone!

25 12 2008

Hope you’re enjoying whatever holiday(s) you celebrate! *Leaves to read Dawkins and Hemant’s books*


Santa Claus is coming to town!

5 12 2008

So much to do. Get stuff for friends and family, wage a war on all that is decent, get time off of school, and generally have a good time. Yes, it is that time again. It is the holiday season! Time of good cheer, lights, trees, incoherent news anchors, and general merriment!

You know, I can’t help but think that the holidays are more humanist than religious (shh, don’t tell Bill). They are, at least in theory, much more focused on people than religion. Religious themes generally include the supernatural, whereas the holiday season is about enjoying yourself, spending time with your family, and making others happy too. And for all the religious right’s ranting, the holidays have been thoroughly secularized, not by our dark conspiracy, but by the average Christian’s decency and good will.

Sure, there’s Christmas mass and so on, but I think that most people think more about the rest of the month of December than a few hours spent in church on Christmas. Plus, people spend the rest of the season trying to be a bit more humanist without even thinking about it. I think that’s the point, isn’t it?

Beyond the heathen nature of the holiday spirit, there’re the heathens happily keeping it at work! Doubt not, ye atheists, this is our time to enjoy ourselves too! We can have fun and enjoy the fact that, for a while, everyone’s a bit like us! It doesn’t matter if Christmas has Christian roots (it doesn’t), it’s not just a Christian holiday anymore. It’s just a holiday that actually brings out the good side of people for weeks at a time, and that lets us enjoy ourselves. So don’t worry about whether this is a holiday we can celebrate. We can celebrate¬† any holiday we want, whether the religious think it’s theirs or not!

Billo strikes back!

4 12 2008

Billo has struck another triumphant blow in the war to save Christmas! Unfortunately for him, he appears to have struck it in the wrong direction. Someone should let him know that you’re supposed to make the other side look stupid.

Beyond that, what can I say that can add to the man himself? His words stand in their own terrible glory.

In fact, I’ll borrow some of them. Fox Noise is ground zero for just about every nutty right wing cause, but this time it has embarrassed the industry, and the nation. Again.