About Me:

Perpetual Dissent: I’m an 18 year old high school senior fresh high school graduate (off to Harvey Mudd in August) in the US. I’m fascinated by pretty much every type of science, and always have been. My favorite TV shows as far back as I can remember were Nature, Nova, and Bill Nye. I try to stay informed about politics rather than just adopting whatever the popular opinion among those around me seems to be, which sometime feels a little lonely. I’m a liberal who wants to cry when I listen to most people talk about politics (liberal or conservative). I’m an atheist and I try to live up to being a humanist. Beyond that there isn’t much to say, really. I haven’t done anything particularly noteworthy or been involved in anything important. I guess this blog’s my initiation into the world of trying to do anything. I hope you enjoy it =)

About the blog:

As the tagline says, it’s a blog about my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideas, ideals, and really just about whatever I think’s interesting and worth posting about. Mostly that’s science, and some politics and religion, but other stuff will probably show up too everything. There’ll probably be posts about gifted education (well ok, there will be. Probably lots.), or about history, or even just life in general. I’m not so good at the whole “staying on topic” thing, so it could be pretty much anything really.


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18 04 2009
The Meming of Life » Living up to humanism Parenting Beyond Belief on secular parenting and other natural wonders

[…] the About page at the elegantly-named Humanity by Starlight, blogger and high-schooler Perpetual Dissent put it […]

25 02 2011

Glad I came across your blog and the positive references to CTY. I learned yesterday that my 6-year old daugther is gifted, and CTY has been recommended to us. My husband and I plan to learn more about the Center’s programs.

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