Arizona shooting

11 01 2011

The craven American right (hereafter “Democrats”) is once again applying it’s mouth to the genitals of the fanatic American right (hereafter “Republicans”) in the desperate hope that the Republicans will forgive them, this time for daring to be the object of an assassination attempt. We are being told not to politicize this incident, that this was the work of one lone madman.

Horse shit. If Sarah Palin had been the one shot, the witchhunt would have already begun. If the Democrats had placed gun sights (oh, pardon me, surveying sights) on Republicans, the outcry would have been deafening. Why? Because these things are never acceptable. I think that there are some on the right (not many, but some) who are truly evil. But I would never place cross hairs on them because it is wrong

But Palin, Angle and their ilk do not know this or, more terrifyingly, know and do not care. They are happy to incite violence without regard for the consequence and then wring their hands and cry like they are the victims. 6 people are dead, and more than a dozen others injured. Someone put a bullet through a congresswoman’s head. And all you can think to do is to blather about how liberals are being unfair to you?

Do you know what I have to say to that?


You and your bile may not be directly responsible for this assassination attempt, but placing gun sights on your political opponents is dangerous and irresponsible at any time. You and your calls for a “second amendment solution” are horrifying. Your “Armed and Dangerous” citizenry just attempted the murder of an elected representative of the people. And he heeded your words “don’t retreat, reload.” After he shot the congresswoman, he turned his gun on the crowd, killing a 9 year old girl, born on September 11th, 2001, that great national tragedy out of which you have made a whore for your own political gain.

Your “second amendment solution” rhetoric proves beyond any doubt that you do not love this country, or what it stands for. You wrap yourself in the flag and piss on the principles it should represent. You do not even understand what it truly means to love this nation. Loving this nation means loving the principles that America has tried to represent. It means being willing to die for the right of those you hate to say what they like, to be elected, and to pass laws that they believe will benefit this country. It means pushing forward for greater liberty, not just to own a gun, but to speak, to believe, to act, love, and marry as one desires. It means, in other words, battling against everything that people such as Palin and Angle believe in.

So yes, this is political regardless of the motives of the shooter. This is an issue of discourse vrs. violence. It is an issue of speech vrs. bullet. It is an issue, in other words, of democracy against mob rule. The Democrats are too spineless to make the point, but it is an undeniable fact: Republican leaders have begun inciting the mob. This is not an event in isolation, it is in a climate of violent rhetoric by a demagogic right wing in American politics, and that extremist right wing must be seen for what it is: an attack on the freedom of the people to say what they like and to elect who they like. If we are not to be a nation ruled at the end of the barrel of a gun, this must stop.