Separate but Equal

24 10 2010

It’s quite simple, really. If you support civil unions, you are a bigot. I don’t care what your excuse is, you are a bigot. Why? Well, do you think that segregated schools are fair or just? No? Then why do we even have to have this debate? Oh, right, because you’re a spineless, bigoted coward.


Separate is inherently unequal. That phrase is famous. But because this nation is composed mostly of bigots, very few people in the United States believe it. In evidence is the fact that of the “supporters” of gay rights, a horrifying number support a separate classification for same-sex couples. They will not grant gays and lesbians marriage because they do not believe them to be truly equal.

“But a civil union is equal,” the casual bigot might say. In that case, I suppose they must support segregated schools provided that the schools are truly equal? What? They would never dream of such a thing, because that’s racist? Well why is racism not ok, but anti-gay discrimination is? Why is separate but equal unjust to blacks, but just to gays?




If it’s just a word, then why is it so important that they not get it? Because words matter. Because no one who claims it’s “just a word” truly believes that. They are lying hypocrites, and they are far more damaging to gay rights than the religious right. There are really not that many fire and brimstone anti gays left, but there are countless “Separate, so long as it’s equal” casual bigots. These bigots dominate our politics, our debate, and our laws. These bigots fancy themselves progressive because they, in their condescending manner, are granting gays rights, as if rights were something one grants rather than something that one inherently has.

If you truly are progressive in your mindset, then end this pathetic concession to the dinosaur that is social conservatism. Fight for equality, not for some hollow facsimile thereof. If you have ever said the Pledge, then demand that it be held true: “with liberty and justice for all.” And if you are not so progressive, then stop comforting yourself with this lie. You are a bigot, not a progressive. You are opposed to equality for gays and lesbians, and therefor can never be liberal minded or progressive. Remove your taint from such words, so that they may truly have meaning again, and so that we may truly see who it is who will stand and fight for the rights of all.




One response

24 10 2010

16 years old and already so filled with and gross stupidity. At this rate we’ll just have to hope that you don’t survive to 18, when you might be able to do damage to society in some small way.

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