Sexism runs both ways

5 12 2009

You see, people think sexism’s pretty good. What’s that, you say? We’re a liberalized culture where sexism is no longer acceptable? Well, take a little journey in the hypothetical with me.

Imagine a world where women are expected to hold the door for their husbands. Imagine a world where it is expected that a man will never have to cook because his wife or girlfriend will do it for him. That’s a pretty obviously sexist world, right?

Well, let’s compare. In our world, many people expect that a male will always hold the door for a female. In our world, it is expected that a female should never have to take the initiative to start a relationship, because the male should always be the one to do this. How exactly is this not sexist? You can’t say that sexism that helps you is ok if you say that sexism that hurts you isn’t.

Sexism is never ok. It is time for society to get over things like this. You should hold the door for people because it’s courteous, not because they have some extra mass on their chest, and you don’t. Courtesy in an equal society is the same regardless of gender. Whoever damn well wants to take initiative should take it, because saying otherwise is saying that women are somehow less capable of it which, unless you’re a sexist, you would of course point out is patently untrue.

You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen? Good, you shouldn’t. But you can damn well step in puddles, and open the door on your own sometimes, and be the one to ask someone else out if you really want to date the.