Standing for the Pledge

21 11 2009

I am absolutely exhausted from nearly 11 hours of committee and working paper work for MUN (plus almost no sleep the last two nights, also because of MUN), so I’m not going to promise a good post. However, I haven’t posted anything in ages, so it’s something.


I stand for the Pledge. I also don’t believe in it. I don’t believe in pledging my allegiance to a flag, and have reservations about pledging it to a country (ideals, sure. Give me a Pledge of Allegiance to the First Amendment, and I’d love to say it.) I also neither believe in a god nor believe “under God” to be Constitutional in any way, whatever the Court may have argued.


Why, then, do I stand? Simple. It’s the same reason I think that atheists who file lawsuits over US currency are worse than ineffective in their efforts. Refusing to stand gains nothing. No real point is made by it. It’s just being obnoxious. I do not say the pledge, and by standing I avoid being noticeable or disruptive. I may be seen to passively condone the pledge in this manner, but the actual import of the pledge is so negligible that this really doesn’t matter. The same goes for “under God” on US currency.


So really, just stop wasting people’s time. Some matters where you are technically right are so minor as to be irrelevant. The pledge is one of them.




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