17 08 2009

Since trying to trash science standards wasn’t enough, they’ve gone after social studies/humanities as well.

For instance, a 2007 law that takes effect this school year requires Bible courses in school.

The article opens with an illustrative example.

“By the end of the year, what they begin to realize is that it is pervasive. You can’t get away from it.  The kids came back and were like ‘It’s everywhere,'” said John Keeling, the social studies chair at Whitehouse High School.

Short Keeling: they see the Bible everywhere!

Whitehouse already offers a Bible elective. “The purpose of a course like this isn’t even really to get kids to believe it per say. It is just to appreciate the profound impact that it has had on our history and on our government,” said Keeling.

Short Keeling: But really, no push to believe at all! What? No, I don’t need a fire extinguisher for my pants, why do you ask?

“I think it is a good thing because a lot of kids don’t have that experience, and they already want to take prayer out of school as it is– and you see where our kids are ending up!” said Tyler resident Laura Tucker.

Translated with painstaking hours of work into English, that reads, “I think it is a good thing, because a lot of kids don’t have that experience of flagrant First Amendment violations, and they already want to enforce the First Amendment as it is– and you see where our kids are ending up, with minds of their own, even as [whispering] libruls!”

Tyler resident Havis Tatum disagress with Tucker. He said, “I don’t want anybody teaching their religious beliefs to my child unless they want to send their child to my house and let me teach them my religious views. There is no difference.”

Ding ding ding! Correct answer, Mr. Tatum! Too bad believers in the Constitution such as yourself are such a small minority there.

Oh, and (big shock) the wingnuts can’t figure out how to write a bill properly.

School officials tell us schools haven’t enforced this law because of confusion over the bill’s wording and lack of state funding.

Incompetence: the best defense against government.

(via Skepchick)




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