Some self awareness

15 08 2009

I’m bored, and have recently been writing some pretty over the top posts (one went up for a night, then was taken down, edited, and replaced. A few are sitting as drafts. One went up, then came right back down again and is still getting edited). So, time for some self awareness.

The description of gifted kids being “more” fits me. I’m over the top about things. When I feel something, I feel it strongly, and if I’m tired and don’t have my self censors running right, it usually ends up in somewhat self absorbed, pretty incoherent, and often very whiny ramblings. And if those same censors are down, I also don’t always have the good sense to not post stuff. >.<

So sometimes I say some pretty absurd things because all that’s left of my thought process at two in the morning is my strong feelings about things, and if I’m lucky a few shreds of objectivity. Some of them are still up here because I deserve the impression you get from them, because that’s a part of me. Some of them get pulled because they’re also pretty embarrassing. So when weird things like the old version of my CTY post (or some of the other silly stuff I’ve said on here before) comes up, keep two things in mind: I’m probably writing it with about half my brain running, and also, damnit, I’m 16, cut me some slack! I’m supposed to be nuts!




3 responses

16 08 2009
Lainie Levin

Wow. I love reading your posts (put up, taken down, whatever). And be glad you have this blog to spill your thoughts out onto. Your writing reminds me a lot of when I was in high school. It’s almost like I’m reading my journal sometimes! Just make sure you either print your posts (yes, even the ones you take down) or put them on a flash drive to save them. You’ll want to read these in 15 years. Promise.

Keep writing! Post away!

16 08 2009
Perpetual Dissent

Thanks =) Yep, I’ll save the posts, so I’ll have them to smile at (or smack myself in the head at) later on.

27 08 2009

Maybe WordPress needs “blogging goggles” a la Google Goggles 😉

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