More Education Fail

28 07 2009

Jay, quoting a school board member:

“in AP US history, for example, is that [more than 90 percent] of our students get 3 or above [considered passing marks on the 5-point test]. Our faculty views that as a mark of success [the national rate is about 60 percent]. I view it just the opposite. It has always struck me that if our students have that high a success rate, we are not giving enough students the opportunity to take the course.”

This man is in charge of the education of children somewhere. In fact, people who think this way are in charge of rather a lot of children’s educations. Mine for instance, or those in the ever…interesting MCPS schools. Or plenty of other districts around the country. And people wonder why I think our education system’s doomed…

Also interesting:

It’s a common refrain that schools do a lot for the kids at the top and the bottom but not enough for the kids in the middle. School districts that do not open up AP courses to a broader array of kids may be doing a disservice to kids in the middle. Our school district is ready to tackle this issue, although it is not clear that our faculty is ready yet.” (Emphasis mine)

What planet is this guy living on?




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