I heart you

30 05 2009

To go along with my other new “my generation is extra special” post, I present to you a refutation of the “your generation has no human contact” silliness in the form of a conversation between me and a sock puppet representing the collective elder generations:

Sock Puppet: You kids these days with your text messaging and online chat and facebook, you’s got no contact with other people!

Me: Uh…not really.

El Puppet Loco: You don’t know how to talk to people face to face or be friendly or respectful or…

Me: Actually most of what we’ve failed to learn how to do is be cold, formal, and unfriendly.

Sock “I rant” Puppet: No no no you can’t deal with people!

Me: Yeah…no.

Sir Failsalot: *head explodes*

I have all my well reasoned, intellectual rebuttles of that line of silliness as well, but why bother when a simple little article like that so thoroughly and hilariously demolishes the silliness?




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