Wish me luck

8 05 2009

By the time this post goes up I’ll be taking my first AP (US history). Wish me luck 🙂




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8 05 2009

Good luck! DD had her first and only this year on Monday. It went well…yours will too.

8 05 2009
Perpetual Dissent

Thanks. Yep, went pretty well, apart from one of the 3 essay questions which I had to BS a bit 🙂

10 05 2009

I had to BS a little in the AP Euro essay too ^_^

10 05 2009

Say… Don’t you find the rule “Don’t discuss your questions” kind of ridiculous and stupid? Does collegeboard has a secret police? I mean really, even my last year’s US history teacher broke that rule. ^_^

11 05 2009
Perpetual Dissent

Yeah. I guess they probably reuse a few multiple choice questions for norming the tests, but really? 48 hours is fair because I think that’s the timeframe to take it if you have to do a late-test, but after that…

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