Late night ponderings

7 04 2009

I’m bored, it’s midnight, and I’m not at all tired, so let’s see where this post goes.

People are awesome. Taken in the whole, humanity is often a tiresome, frustrating lot. When you deal with them individually, though, you often find that there are more wonderful, amazing people than you would ever imagine just by looking at People. When you try to deal with People, you often end up frustrated and fed up because the well is poisoned, so to speak, by a small number of really dislikable people. But on the individual level, when you see People in higher resolution, you find that most people are really pretty decent, and there are a fair number of really incredible people in there too. The trick is to be able to get to know and spend time with those people, I guess. It isn’t really easy to build a network of friends out of the rare but really amazing people, for obvious reasons.

I wonder what purpose boredom serves, exactly. If we look at it from the perspective of evolution, I guess boredom keeps us looking for more to do, which will occasionally spark a major new idea, whether it be playing with sticks and discovering fire, or playing with numbers and inventing calculus. But on the other hand, maybe it’s just a side effect. Maybe as brain capacity increased, the system idle control, so to speak, didn’t evolve with it, so we experience boredom because there’s nothing using up the spare brain resources anymore.

Why is it that the medium we use tends to constrain our thoughts so much? Using this blog, I actually find it hard to think of things to talk about outside the range of what I normally deal with here, even if it’s stuff I talk about all the time elsewhere. For some reason I associate this with a narrow range of topics, and have to force other topics, rather than just being able to start talking about them naturally. Why, I wonder? Maybe I’ll try intentionally talking about things I wouldn’t normally here to try to break those thought patterns.

I wonder why, even when you aren’t particularly tired, emotions are enhanced late at night? For some reason they seem amplified in a certain time range from about 12:30-3:00 AM, provided I’m not too tired to think clearly. Is that because unconscious regulation of them starts to shut down? Or is it because something else starts to operate more? And is it just me? And why would it be more time based than tiredness based? Food for thought.




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