The Worst Side of Religion

25 03 2009

Because the insane fringe of the Protestants doesn’t like the Catholics outdoing them, we now have this.

The plane crash in Montana involved children between ages 6 and 10. Because the plane carried 2 of Irving Feldkamp’s children and 5 of his grandchildren, and because he is the owner of a chain of clinics (Family Planning Associates) that does abortions, the evil fringe of the religious right has started up again. Here’s the quote:

In my time working for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, I helped organize and conduct a weekly campaign where youth activists stood outside of Feldkamp’s mini-mansion in Redlands holding fetal development signs and raising community awareness regarding Feldkamp’s dealings in child murder for profit. Every Thursday afternoon we called upon Bud and his wife Pam to repent, seek God’s blessing and separate themselves from the practice of child killing.

We warned him, for his children’s sake, to wash his hands of the innocent blood he assisted in spilling because, as Scripture warns, if “you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you”. (Ezekiel 35:6)

A news source states that Bud Feldkamp visited the site of the crash with his wife and their two surviving children on Monday. As they stood near the twisted and charred debris talking with investigators, light snow fell on the tarps that covered the remains of their children.

I don’t want to turn this tragic event into some creepy spiritual ‘I told you so’ moment, but I think of the time spent outside of Feldkamp’s – Pam Feldkamp laughing at the fetal development signs, Bud Feldkamp trying not to make eye contact as he got into his car with a small child in tow – and I think of the haunting words, ‘Think of your children.’ I wonder if those words were haunting Feldkamp as well as he stood in the snow among the remains of loved ones, just feet from the ‘Tomb of the Unborn’?

I only hope and pray that in the face of this tragedy, Feldkamp recognizes his need for repentance and reformation. I pray that God will use this unfortunate catastrophe to soften the hearts of Bud and Pam and that they will draw close to the Lord and wash their hands of the blood of thousands of innocent children, each as precious and irreplaceable as their own.

This is beyond sickening. It takes a lot to leave me with no words to describe something, but this manages it. I’ll leave you without further comment while I go throw up.




One response

8 04 2009
Enrique Ratzo

The twisted , warped thinking of a few supposedly Christian reporters is wrong.Their thinking is similar to the Muslem extemists that said 2700 americans, was Gods retribution to the USA. God does not kill decent people to make a point.This is purely an accidental tragedy involving a very decent succesful group of achievers, and contributors to society and their children.My thoughts and prayers are with these families.

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