Catholic Evil

6 03 2009

A nine year old in Brazil was raped by her stepfather, and found to be pregnant with twins.

A nine year old.

Brazil is very restrictive about abortions, but in cases of rape or when carrying the pregnancy to term endangers the mother, it is allowed. Both of these are clearly applicable here, so an abortion was performed.

Here’s where the insanity begins. The Catholic Church tried to take legal action to prevent the aboriton. Remember, this is a nine year old. The Church tried to force a nine year old rape victim to carry twins to term.

And it gets worse. They have now said that they will excommunicate the doctors who performed it and the girl’s mother. This is just fundamentally evil. I really am speechless. This stands in its own right as pure, undiluted evil.




2 responses

6 03 2009

Thanks for the information. God Bless

7 03 2009

WTF?! That is just so wrong… Goodness, a nine years old, and she could be endangered! I wonder what their priority is, a not yet conscious human embryo or a conscious human being with feelings and complex social relationships?

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