Ignorance, thy name is… (01/15/09)

15 01 2009

…Frank Melton

The City Council voted 4-2 against a plan Tuesday that would have made it unlawful for people to wear pants below the waistline exposing their underwear.

The council members who voted against the saggy-pants ban said it likely was unconstitutional.

But Mayor Frank Melton, who joined the council meeting via telephone from Texas, said he will issue an executive order instituting the dress code.

“I certainly respect the Constitution,” Melton said, “but we have some issues that are much bigger than the Constitution.”

Mayor Melton believes that baggy pants are a greater threat to American society than the erosion of the Constitution, the document that structures our government and protects our citizens from governmental abuse of power.

…Yeah. Baggy pants, Constitution, baggy pants, CONSTI FREAKING TUTION.

I can’t really say much else. Some things are immune to parody.

(Once again via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)




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