Ignorance, thy name is…

10 01 2009

Ignorance, thy name is “liberal and conservative.”

In skepticism and atheism, the Right is much more often the target for our disdain than the left, but in truth there are many ignorant, antiscience, antireality liberals too. The extreme varieties of many liberal ideals (for instance, helping minorities) become absurd and damaging. New Age is more liberal than conservative. And of course there’s postmodernism.

In any case, although there are many examples at each end of the spectrum, there aren’t many that so easily and (in a sick sort of way) hilariously reveal both sides as Israel.

On the one hand, you have the conservatives who believe Israel can do no wrong. You all know the sort I mean. And on the other hand, you have the liberals who believe that Israel is an evil force of evilness, trying to destroy the innocent Palestinians because…well, BECAUSE!!!

The first one is stupid for reasons such as Israel’s annexation of Gaza and the West Bank, Israel’s use of incendiary weapons on civilian areas, and Israel’s disregard for the Palestinians in general. The second is stupid because various groups have spent Israel’s history blowing bits of it up. (If you’re going to make a Facebook app listing the number of people killed by Israeli strikes, at least have the honesty to list people killed by Hamas and others. Also, don’t make the app sexist by claiming that killing females is any worse than killing males. But that’s a rant for another post)

The conflict isn’t about either Israel or Palestine in their current forms. It’s been going on for fifteen or twenty centuries, and is essentially about who stole whose goat. Both sides have refused to give a good faith effort to end it, and thus both sides are equally guilty.

The whole thing is typical of Americans’ political views. One side has the view based on some sort of stupid bias, so then the other side takes the opposite position on the assumption that the first side must be wrong. Free market vrs. regulation, animal rights, isolationism vrs. interventionism…American opinions on them are all formed pretty much the same way.

Hm, I suppose I should end with some sort of point. I guess it’s this: conservatives do not have a monopoly on ignorance and stupidity. Conservatives may have the Jerry Falwells and the Rick Warrens, but we have the Bill Mahers.




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