14 12 2008

Christmas is coming up, so I thought I’d ask all three of you reading this blog: what books would you recommend? Science, sci fi, fantasy, philosophy, religion, or anything else worth reading, really. As long as it’s a good read, I’d like to hear about it!




2 responses

15 12 2008
Mary Fagan

What? You don’t have a term paper to crank out over the holidays? Wow. Well, I would assume by now you’ve discovered Christopher Paolini and his 4-book trilogy. That kid covers all the topics you listed! Even though he started Eragon at age 15 it’s pretty high caliber stuff – way more than an adolescent boy trying to daydream away his perceived inadequacies. Kept ME glued to the pages, anyway. If I could find an email for him I’d promise to bake him cookies if he would PLEASE finish Book Four.

15 12 2008
Perpetual Dissent

One of the beauties of public high schools is that we get out of term papers because parents would (verbally) eviscerate teachers for giving them over break! =D

I’ve read the first two, I think, but I haven’t read book 3. I’ll try to get a hold of it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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